Benefits of linkedin premium for job seekers

Benefits of LinkedIn premium for job seekers

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, offers a premium subscription service known as LinkedIn Premium. This article explores the benefits of LinkedIn Premium for job seekers, highlighting how it can enhance their job search efforts and maximize their professional opportunities.

Increased Visibility

One of the primary Benefits of LinkedIn premium for job seekers is enhanced visibility. With a premium account, job seekers can send direct messages to hiring managers and recruiters, even if they’re not connected. This feature allows you to bypass traditional application channels and establish personalized connections, increasing your chances of getting noticed by the right people.

In-depth Insights

LinkedIn premium for job seekers provides job seekers with valuable insights into the job market. Premium users can access the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ feature, which allows them to see who has viewed their profile and gain insights into which companies and professionals are interested in their skills. This information can be leveraged to tailor job applications and networking efforts towards relevant opportunities.

Advanced Search Filters

Finding the right job can be a time-consuming process, but LinkedIn Premium offers advanced search filters that streamline the job search experience. Premium users can refine their search based on specific criteria such as location, industry, company size, and job function. This targeted approach helps job seekers discover relevant opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Skill Development

LinkedIn Learning, a popular online learning platform, is included with LinkedIn Premium. Job seekers can access a vast library of courses, tutorials, and training materials to develop and enhance their professional skills. By acquiring new skills and showcasing them on their LinkedIn profile, job seekers can increase their marketability and stand out to potential employers.

Resume and Interview Insights

Premium users gain access to LinkedIn’s Resume Builder, which provides a range of customizable templates to create a professional resume. The platform also offers interview preparation tools, including access to interview insights from LinkedIn community members who have interviewed for similar positions. These resources can help job seekers present themselves effectively and confidently during the application and interview process.

Applicant Insights

When applying for a job, it’s essential to understand how you compare to other applicants. LinkedIn Premium offers applicant insights that allow you to see how you rank among other applicants for a particular job. This information can help you gauge your competitiveness and make necessary adjustments to increase your chances of success.

Open Candidate Feature

LinkedIn premium for job seekers provides job seekers with the Open Candidate feature, which discreetly signals to recruiters that you are open to new opportunities. This feature allows you to privately indicate your job preferences, making it easier for recruiters to discover and engage with you for relevant positions.

Do you get more views with LinkedIn premium?

LinkedIn premium for job seekers

Among its many features, one common question that arises is whether LinkedIn Premium helps users gain more views on their profiles. In this article, we will explore the impact of LinkedIn Premium on profile visibility and examine whether a premium account truly leads to an increased number of views.

Understanding LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium offers a range of features designed to enhance a user’s professional networking experience. These include advanced search filters, InMail messaging, access to applicant insights, LinkedIn Learning, and more. While these features can undoubtedly provide valuable tools for job seekers and professionals, it’s essential to evaluate whether they contribute to increased profile views.

Improved Visibility

LinkedIn Premium does provide certain benefits that can potentially lead to increased profile visibility. For instance:

Profile Insights

LinkedIn Premium grants users access to information about who has viewed their profile. This insight can help users identify potential recruiters, hiring managers, or professionals interested in their profile. It enables individuals to reach out, engage in meaningful conversations, and build valuable connections, which can lead to increased views.

InMail Messaging

With LinkedIn Premium, users gain access to InMail, which allows direct messaging to individuals outside their network. By reaching out to industry influencers, recruiters, or professionals, users can attract attention and potentially generate more profile views.

Advanced Search Filters

LinkedIn Premium offers advanced search filters, enabling users to find and connect with professionals in their target industry, location, or company. By strategically connecting with relevant individuals, users increase their chances of getting noticed and gaining more profile views.


While LinkedIn Premium offers advantages in terms of visibility, it’s important to note that profile views are influenced by various factors, such as the quality of your profile, engagement with the platform, and the content you share. Here are a few considerations:

Profile Optimization

Regardless of your LinkedIn account type, a well-optimized profile is crucial. Ensure that your profile is complete, up-to-date, and highlights your skills, experience, and achievements. This will make your profile more appealing to viewers, regardless of whether you have a premium account or not.

Active Engagement

Engaging with the LinkedIn community by sharing valuable content, participating in discussions, and connecting with others can help increase your visibility. Regularly engaging with the platform can attract more views to your profile, regardless of your account type.

Industry Relevance

The number of views you receive may also depend on the industry or profession you’re in. Certain industries may naturally have more active LinkedIn users, resulting in higher profile views. It’s essential to consider the specific dynamics of your industry when evaluating the impact of LinkedIn Premium on profile visibility.

What are the advantages of using LinkedIn premium?

LinkedIn Premium can provide you with a range of valuable tools and features to enhance your LinkedIn experience.

Enhanced Visibility and Profile Access

LinkedIn Premium offers increased visibility for your profile. With premium features such as Profile Insights, you can see who has viewed your profile, enabling you to identify potential employers, recruiters, or industry professionals interested in your background. This knowledge empowers you to proactively reach out, establish connections, and expand your network, thereby enhancing your career prospects.

Advanced Search Filters and Expanded Job Opportunities

LinkedIn Premium provides advanced search filters that allow you to refine your job search according to specific criteria such as industry, location, company size, and more. This enables you to find and apply for relevant job opportunities more efficiently. Moreover, LinkedIn Premium grants you access to exclusive job postings and insights into applicant data, giving you a competitive edge and increasing your chances of securing your dream job.

InMail Messaging and Direct Communication

One of the standout features of LinkedIn Premium is InMail, which allows you to send direct messages to anyone on the platform, even if you’re not connected. This feature is particularly advantageous for networking purposes, enabling you to connect with industry influencers, thought leaders, and potential collaborators. InMail messaging opens doors to valuable conversations, mentorship opportunities, and partnerships that can propel your professional growth.

Skill Development with LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Premium includes access to LinkedIn Learning, an extensive online course library covering various topics, industries, and skills. This resource allows you to enhance your skill set, stay updated on industry trends, and acquire valuable certifications. Continuous learning and professional development not only make you more competitive in the job market but also showcase your dedication to growth and improvement.

Applicant Insights and Competitive Intelligence

With LinkedIn Premium, you gain access to applicant insights that provide valuable information about other candidates applying for the same job positions. This knowledge allows you to assess the competition, understand the qualifications and experiences of other applicants, and tailor your application strategy accordingly. By leveraging applicant insights, you can highlight your unique strengths, differentiate yourself, and increase your chances of standing out to employers.

Personalized Recommendations and Insights

LinkedIn Premium provides personalized recommendations based on your profile, connections, and interests. These recommendations can include relevant job openings, relevant professionals to connect with, and relevant content to engage with. By leveraging these insights and recommendations, you can maximize your networking efforts, stay informed about industry trends, and make strategic career decisions.

What is difference between premium LinkedIn and regular?

Regular LinkedIn (free) and LinkedIn Premium (subscription-based). Understanding the differences between these two account types is essential for users seeking to make the most of their LinkedIn experience. In this article, we will explore the disparities between regular LinkedIn and LinkedIn Premium, helping you determine which option best suits your professional goals and networking needs.

Visibility and Profile Insights

  • Regular LinkedIn: With a regular LinkedIn account, you have limited visibility into who has viewed your profile. You can see a limited number of recent viewers but cannot access detailed insights.
  • LinkedIn Premium: LinkedIn Premium provides enhanced visibility and profile insights. You can see a more comprehensive list of individuals who have viewed your profile, enabling you to identify potential employers, recruiters, and professionals interested in your background. These insights empower you to take proactive steps in expanding your network and engaging with relevant contacts.

Job Search and Applicant Insights

  • Regular LinkedIn: Regular LinkedIn allows users to search and apply for job opportunities. However, the available job search filters are limited compared to LinkedIn Premium. Additionally, you do not have access to applicant insights or data on other candidates applying for the same positions.
  • LinkedIn Premium: LinkedIn Premium offers advanced job search filters that allow for more refined job searches based on criteria such as industry, location, company size, and more. Moreover, LinkedIn Premium provides applicant insights, enabling you to gain a competitive edge by understanding the qualifications and experiences of other applicants. This information allows you to tailor your application strategy and highlight your unique strengths.

InMail Messaging and Direct Communication

  • Regular LinkedIn: In a regular LinkedIn account, your ability to connect and message other LinkedIn members is limited to individuals within your existing network. Sending messages to individuals outside of your connections is possible only through introductions or if the recipient has enabled Open Profile.
  • LinkedIn Premium: LinkedIn Premium grants users access to InMail, a feature that allows direct messaging to any LinkedIn member, even if you’re not connected. InMail messaging eliminates the need for introductions and expands your reach for networking purposes. This feature can be particularly advantageous when reaching out to industry influencers, potential collaborators, or professionals at target companies.

LinkedIn Learning and Skill Development

  • Regular LinkedIn: Regular LinkedIn users have access to some free LinkedIn Learning courses. However, the selection is limited, and not all courses may be available without a paid subscription.
  • LinkedIn Premium: LinkedIn Premium includes access to LinkedIn Learning, an extensive online course library covering a wide range of topics and industries. Premium subscribers can explore the full catalog of courses, acquire valuable certifications, and enhance their skill sets. LinkedIn Premium provides an opportunity for continuous learning and professional development, giving subscribers a competitive edge in their careers.


LinkedIn Premium offers a range of valuable benefits to job seekers, empowering them to navigate the job market more effectively and connect with the right opportunities. From increased visibility and advanced search filters to skill development and applicant insights, LinkedIn Premium equips job seekers with the tools and resources needed to stay ahead in their job search journey. By leveraging these benefits, job seekers can enhance their professional brand, expand their network, and ultimately increase their chances of securing their desired career opportunities.

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